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Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions are the part of the work of the parliament which is most apparent to the public at large. These sessions - which generally take place once a month with two or three sitting days - are generally open to the public. These plenary sessions render all the central functions of the parliament visible:

the invariably begin with question time (one hour), followed by a "topical hour" debate on current issues (monitoring function). Elections are often necessary (elective function), and it is often necessary to discuss and decide on first or final readings of draft bills (legislative function) or motions of the parliamentary groups which form the basis for elementary parliamentary decisions.

The sessions are chaired by the Landtag President or one of the Vice-Presidents and recorded by two Secretaries. The members of the Land government - who are responsible to the parliament - take part in the sessions and may demand the right to be heard at any time. Spectators can view these sessions form the spectators' gallery and the media are also present.

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